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Comparison of education systems:

In the United States, primary education (also referred to as elementary education) lasts 6 years. Secondary education also lasts 6 years. Pupils are, therefore, on average, 18 years old when they receive their High School Diploma if they start first grade at the age of 6. The distribution of these 12 years of education (grades) differs per state or district. There are both public and private schools.

Note: education in the USA is not compulsory before high school. Many students are homeschooled.

The way in which secondary education in the US differs from Dutch education is that American education is much more flexible and broad in nature. It does not have a rigid structure of levels, choice of profile, or transition standards and tests. There is also a wider range of subjects; not only general subjects, but also skills and vocational subjects, which allow students to follow their interests and to keep their study options open.


Courses can be taken at different levels: Regular, Honors and AP. Honors classes require students to complete more work than regular courses, and AP classes can be even more demanding. While honors classes feature advanced high school coursework, AP classes are designed to mirror college-level coursework. In both honors and AP classes, difficulty level varies by subject. In the US, students who desire an education are never left behind.


About PIE Academy:

PIE Academy is an authorized representative of a private, online school: American K12 School in Florida. Founded in 2017, this school is accredited by the Florida State Board of Education and by accrediting organization Cognia. This means that it is recognized as quality education by higher education institutions and credential evaluation organizations such as NUFFIC, the Netherlands organization for international education, please visit here.

Benefits of PIE Academy education:

  • Student-centered learning in secondary education through a personally designed learning path.

  • Offers students a customized program with the ultimate goal of obtaining an American high school diploma or certificate.

  • The student sets his/her own pace to obtain credits that remain valid for several years.

  • Time and place independent online and individual learning, starting anytime.

  • Depending on the time investment, a high school program can be completed in a shorter time than usual.

  • Courses available at standard level for grades 1-12, and starting in grade 9, Honors and AP level are possible.

  • Access to live teachers for tutoring sessions.

  • Access to specialized learning aids/tools to provide the best learning support for students with special needs learning needs (including dyslexia, autism, and dysgraphia).

  • Access to an assigned personal success coach as well as educational support experts in the Netherlands. 

  • Broad orientation on interests and personal development and help with the college search and application process.

  • Ability to work towards a start qualification - the American High School diploma is roughly equivalent to a HAVO diploma. It offers access to both HBO and university education (depending on the level of courses taken.)

  • Affordable education that puts the student first.


Please note that the information provided is only a guideline. Students may/can fall outside of these parameters. Students are individually evaluated and can start at younger or older ages based on their readiness and motivation. Courses can be taken at any level and at any age, as long as we are able to assess that the student has the capability.

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