How PIE will help you change your future!

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Whether you have left school, are contemplating leaving school, are unable to attend a conventional school, or are looking to enrich your career with more knowledge, skills, or qualifications, PIE can help!

We bring education to learners right in their homes. PIE gives learners of all ages access to various online course categories and levels including pre-college, college-level, enrichment, skills development, professional, and wellness.

During a free 30-minute consultation, we will answer basic questions and explain how PIE could work for the interested student.

If PIE is right for you, your success coach will design a few pathway options for you to choose from. Your pathways will include all the courses and support you will need, but will also include PIE guidance which is provided to you throughout your journey with PIE by your designated and experienced PIE Success Coach.

Contact us at to learn more about what PIE can do for you.