Try a slice of PIE!

Wondering what all the buzz is about?

Would you or your child like to try our courses to see if they’re a good fit? Our PIE students in the Netherlands are already raving about how great the courses are, how easy our platform is to navigate, and how different and flexible everything is from what they are used to. Want to try our courses on for size? Let us know and we will gladly give you a week-long peek at our demo courses free of charge. Here are some of the courses that we currently have to demo:

  • Art History

  • Biology

  • English 1

  • Music Appreciation

  • Psychology

  • US History

  • World Religions

  • Philosophy

  • Anthropology

  • Introduction to Creative Writing 1

  • Advanced Creative Writing

  • Stress Management

When you’re ready, book a meeting for a free consultation with education advisor and PIE co-founder, Marina Meijer, to learn more about how the program can be customized to your child’s needs.