Updated: Sep 17, 2021


Tamara Vincent is an Educationalist (Orthopedagoog in Dutch) with many years of experience working with children, youth, students and families. She has a special interest in coaching and counselling within an educational context. Tamara believes learning can be fun if aligned with someone’s interests and she implements a down-to-earth, holistic and strength-based approach with the aim to improve overall well-being, including academic success and personal growth, of each individual client. Tamara has co-authored a college textbook on Counselling and facilitates seminars and workshops on adjustment to life changes and child development.

Tamara holds a bachelor degree in Youth Counselling, as well as a MSc in Clinical Child and

Family Studies from VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Tamara is a lifelong learner

and has taken many professional development courses at university level in the Netherlands,

Malta, Switzerland and Canada.

Who I am

Education is one of my passions and over the past 20 years I have been able to contribute to improving the quality of education in a variety of positions. I have experience in providing various lectures and training courses to HBO students within the social domain, and I have provided training courses for teachers and lecturers in regular primary education and practical education. I have taught at an NT2 school in both France and Canada and have worked for some time as a remedial teacher at the VMBO in Amsterdam. Coaching pupils and students was an important part of my work and something that always gives me a lot of energy and pleasure.

I am originally an Orthopedagogue and see myself as a life-long learner. After all, we learn something new every day! Learning can be great fun if your interests align with what you're learning. It is important to find out what you like and what gives you energy and to focus on that.

Traveling and discovering new cultures is a second passion of mine and over the years I have had the opportunity to live, study and work in beautiful places in the world (England, Malta, Switzerland and currently in Canada with my two children, husband and cat). These experiences have given me insight into the different forms of education in various countries. In my experience, regular education as offered in the Netherlands does not always work. Many students benefit from education that is more stimulating or offered more interactively. Pie Academy offers a solution for students who want more, who are looking for a challenge, or who want education that is more in line with their interests. PIE Academy offers you the opportunity to take internationally recognized courses so that you can experience what it is like to study in America, for example.

Role at PIE Academy

As a Success Coach at Pie Academy, I will help you make the right choices for YOU and I am your first point of contact for all your questions. We will regularly talk to each other to see how you are doing and how your personal process is progressing and together we will make adjustments where necessary. Together we will look at how your interests align with the courses you have chosen and I will guide you to complete your courses properly. I can guarantee that learning is fun when you find your passion!

Looking forward to meeting you and getting started together!