Mark Melehani, an American citizen who was born in Sacramento, California, is a graduate from Colorado State University with a Bachelor degree in Organizational Leadership. Mark also holds a certificate in Digital Marketing from Colorado State University and a Google certificate in Digital Marketing. Despite Mark’s extensive experience in marketing and technology, his passion lies in coaching adolescents with issues that they face during the toughest of periods in their lives from coming of age, to fear of failure, addiction, anxiety, depression, social isolation, and dealing with unprecedented issues that have arisen during the pandemic. Having dealt with many of such issues himself, Mark has helped young people to improve their self-esteem and body image, accomplish lifelong goals, overcome anxiety, and overcome issues with social isolation.

Who He Is

Mark started Sierra College in Rocklin, California at the age of 17, but not before struggling through conventional schooling and attending more than 10 schools in less than 10 years. Highly gifted and often unable to deal with the confines of rigid educational systems, Mark endured years of pressures, and has struggled through the various issues that traditional schools imposed, without receiving any support to help him address his special needs and requirements.

The many challenges he endured during his formative years allowed him to refine various strategies that he could employ to help other young people struggling with similar issues. His education and experience have helped him refine his skills in providing support, employing various motivation techniques and positive reinforcement, building rapport, and quickly establishing a sense of comradery with others and earning their trust. Those have been the ways that have been at the pinnacle of Mark’s passion and life purpose.

Role at PIE Academy

A great leader, a visionary, a great communicator, and a great listener, Mark is able to make a difference in the lives of the youth, while employing proven techniques that have helped him motivate, inspire, and guide young people to achieve any short and long-term goals that they aspire for.

Mark is very dedicated to his new role with PIE Academy and is looking forward to making a difference in the lives of young people.