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Middle School

Middle School covers grades 6 to 8 (for children ages from 10 to 12). Our Middle School curriculum is designed to engage students with different learning styles and abilities. The learning materials we use are rich and interactive, providing visual and auditory stimulation for students. For instance, the lessons are filled with photos, graphic learning animations, videos, and interactive text. By providing all these resources, we encourage students to think independently and relate instructional concepts to a real-life context.

The curriculum for Middle School grades is created with a goal to upgrade the knowledge students received in Elementary School. In grades 6 to 8, the learning materials are a bit more content-heavy compared to what students have learned in lower grades. Students are also able to add elective courses to their learning in 8th grade. All this creates the perfect knowledge base for high school.

The Middle School program consists of 4 core and in 8th grade, 2 elective courses can be added. On average, each grade can be completed in 8 months.

Each of the Middle School Program courses is divided into 2 semesters per grade level and are based on the Common Core System.

Core subjects:

  • English Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies


Online Education

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