White Sheet


What if a child doesn’t speak perfect English?

That does not present a problem. Our tutors and program aim to improve the English language skills of young children. The methodological approach that we apply has given the best results, and we have successfully managed to teach children aged five and six to start speaking English. Please book a free consultation to talk about this matter and explore possibilities.

Is online learning effective for Elementary School students?

Our experience has shown that online learning can be as effective as traditional schooling, even for kids who are at the elementary school level. With an online school, children learn at their own pace. Interactive and multimedia learning materials on our learning management platform catches and keeps their attention, enabling them to learn faster. Our tutors adapt their teaching styles to each student’s needs, and that is particularly useful with young students.

Do parents have to work with a child in an online Elementary School?

Yes, parents have to work with a child in elementary school grades. That is especially true for students in grades 1 and 2 because they are learning the basics, and they have not adopted learning habits, yet. While our tutors provide support and guided learning when needed, parents must go through the learning materials with the child. When it comes to children in grades 3 or 4, they may require parents’ help only from time to time.

How can parents prepare children for an Elementary School?

Parents should ensure a peaceful and distraction-free space for your child to learn at home. A computer or a laptop with a steady internet connection is necessary. Parents don’t need to buy books because the learning materials are on the platform, but a notebook and a pen are good to have. An online school doesn’t have strict timetables, so students tend to lose themselves in that freedom. Parents should help them create a schooling schedule and stick to it.

When can a child start Middle School?

Middle School covers grades 6 to 8, which means that it is appropriate for students between 10 and 13-14 years old.

Is online school effective for Middle School students?

Enrolling a middle school student through online education has many benefits. Online school is more flexible, allowing students to have more free time. They can use it to nurture hobbies and personal interests. Online schooling helps middle school students develop real-life skills, such as familiarity with online video platforms, Internet browsing, online communication, etc.

How do you prepare for online classes in Middle School?

PIE Academy's online middle school courses are super fun and exciting. Teachers aim to make a safe and friendly environment where students can express their own opinions. Students are engaged and not just passive learners. The best way to prepare for middle school is to have a quiet space with no distractions, good lighting, a notebook and pen to take good notes, and a good laptop equipped with a camera and a headset.

What do students study in Middle School?

Students in this program take four core subjects in each grade – English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. In 8th grade, they can choose two elective subjects (at high-school level) that are chosen by students based on personal interests. Elective courses enable students to explore theater, computer programming, creative writing, among others.

Will students get a certificate upon the completion of Middle School?

Upon completion of each grade, students receive an educational transcript - a document that proves that they have successfully finished a particular grade. This document contains the subjects they completed and the grades they received. An educational transcript enables a student to proceed to the next grade.

How hard is High School?

Online High School is not a challenging task to complete, but requires time and commitment. Online classes are interactive and full of great information. The flexibility and self-paced learning give students more free time that they can use however they like. If students are focused and committed, they can master high school learning materials without much trouble.

How many electives do students have to choose in High School?

Students must choose a minimum of two elective subjects per grade, but it is possible to take more. Some electives are worth one credit point, and some are worth half a credit point. If students choose two electives that are worth one credit course, they will have satisfied their minimum elective credits for that grade level. If they choose electives that are half credit courses, they will need to choose more courses to acquire the necessary credits.

Can students transfer from another school in the middle of a grade?

Yes, students can transfer in the middle of a grade or the middle of their current high school program, and they won’t have to do to the entire grade from the beginning. Thanks to our credit transfer system, we can help students continue where you have left off.

Do students need to be enrolled in a traditional school to qualify?

No, they do not. Some of our current PIE Academy high-school students have not been to any schools since elementary school, and are now working towards their high school diploma.

Do universities in the Netherlands accept this American High School Diploma?

Yes, many students who have graduated with this diploma have been accepted by Nuffic. To qualify to study at research universities, students will need to pass 3-4 Advanced Placement exams in addition to obtaining the American high school diploma. It is always a good idea to check the admission requirements of the chosen university before enrolling in the PIE Academy American High School Program.