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Courses are at all educational levels and may lead to a certificate or credit on transcripts.

The reasons for taking courses in this category can include improving knowledge and skills, having fun and learning a new hobby, boosting GPA, credit recovery for graduation, and improving individual subject grades.  

The for-credit courses are accredited by Cognia. Read more about Cognia accreditation here.

Students can take as many courses as they desire, resulting in certificates or official transcripts that are transferrable to other high schools.

Coming Soon...

The Virtual-reality (VR) award-winning courses are delivered by engaging videos and interactive simulations that use virtual reality. Realistic images, sounds, and other sensations are generated in a virtual environment. This will allow learners to participate in performance-based tasks as if they are really there.  


All VR equipment will be provided and included in the cost of the courses.

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