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Elementary School


Elementary School covers grades 1 to 5 (for children ages from 5 to 9). Our knowledge-rich curriculum and unique learning methodology ensure that students make confident first steps towards learning. The program is fun, creative, and interactive, which keeps younger students motivated and engaged. Our committed tutors keep a close eye on students’ progress on a daily basis. Throughout our elementary school program, students will build a solid foundation for middle school.

The Elementary School program enables students to learn gradually. They start from the basics and expand their knowledge step by step, to the extent that corresponds with their age. Students complete four core subjects per grade. On average, each grade can be completed in 8 months.

Each of the core courses is divided into 2-semester courses per grade level and are based on the Common Core System.


Core subjects:

  • English Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies



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Comparing NL and US education: Elementary School (grades 1-5)

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