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All courses in this category are assessed and tutored by native English speakers. Learners are given access to courses for twelve months, which they can complete at their own pace. 

These courses have a direct pathway to many accredited colleges and universities in the United States and are transferrable to more than 300 accredited colleges and universities.

Courses in this category lead to official transcripts that can be used to obtain:

1.  High school credit: which can count towards an accredited high-school diploma.

2.  University credit, which can be:

  • Transferred to accredited colleges and counted towards an AA or AS degree.

  • Transferred to accredited universities and counted towards the general education requirements of a Bachelor’s degree.

  • Used to strengthen college admission application.

  • Prepare for college entrance exams.

  • Used to satisfy entry exam requirements.

  • Used to satisfy college/university language requirements.


Click on the button below to see the list of colleges and universities that accept PIE courses for credit

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